About us

Together: the family is the homeland of the heart

First and foremost, our company is a family, and the family is the homeland of the heart.  It is the house in which to live and evolve, in harmony with the universe of which we are a part.  Young and old, grandchildren and grandparents; every day since end of the 19th century, here in Roero, our joy of life has poured out onto the land, onto the green fortune that grows beneath our feet.  Love and gratitude; for generations we have been united by a bond as strong as a promise.  A cleaner world, for out children and those that follow them.  We know; “If you believe, you can”.  This is why we have always been here.  We live under the sky.  We love it and will never stop.

Expertise and passion, to grow together

Sergio Marchisio oversees the progressive development of the family company today entrusted, first and foremost, to his sons Fabio and Ivo (agronomist), both involved in the everyday vineyard and cellar work with the help of Elena, Marisa and Francesca. The Marchisio family staff is completed with the contribution of long standing colleagues, from the agronomist Massimo Pinna, organic specialist, to the technician Gianfranco Cordero, oenologist. Testing and monitoring: constant quality control is entrusted to Guarene’s Bilab laboratory.

Live with us, among our vineyards

Knowing each other is always emotional; discovering together how beautiful the place in which you live is. We are always ready, for visits to the cellar. Conceived with luminosity in mind, the building, together with its ample sunlit areas, is available for exclusive, unique events in the magic of the natural paradise that surrounds it. Feel free to also contact us for parties, anniversaries, celebrations and lunches. We hope that it will soon be possible to also stay for the night, enjoying our new bed & breakfast idea. We are in fact working on the design of suites completely immersed in the enchanting atmosphere of the vineyards. They will provide a unique experience for maximum relaxation – exclusive intimacy with the verdant peace that wine is born from.

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