Thanks to our amphorae, wine returns to the Earth’s womb

They are marked by an ancient, good luck symbol: an egg, protected by the wise snake wrapped around it. This is the emblem that distinguishes our amphorae, those that Sergio Marchisio introduced to the cellar to salvage the ancestral memory of the art of wine, born in the Caucasus thousands of years ago. They are

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Now, here in the winery, you can recharge your electric car

We know; it was just a matter of time. Ours has always been a notoriously eco-friendly and perfectly sustainable winery. All the electrical equipment is fed by solar energy, captured by panels that cover the ceiling (at least the part free of the earth – in fact, the rest of the cellar is invisible and

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Grape harvest

So young, and already so great: our astonishing 2018 Arneis

Already from the first tastings it was immediately understood where our Arneis, harvested in September during the 2018 autumn, was going to end up. This time, however – making itself at home in the bottle and naturally finding its own path to equilibrium – our fabulous young Roero white is providing decidedly surprising satisfaction, beyond

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Wine thinks of you, if you have thought of the Earth

There are those that consider wine a simple drink, those that view a hill as a factory producing bunches of grapes for the press, juice to bottle. Fortunately, organic awareness is growing in leaps and bounds, among both producers and consumers; a result to which, in his own small way, here in the Roero, Sergio

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La Marchisio Family inaugura il nuovo servizio di delivery. Il vostro vino preferito consegnato a domicilio.

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