It’s easy to say aperitif, tasting, wine. The best products of the earth can be tasted directly between the rows of vines. The Marchisio Family, in the green paradise of Roero, proposes this. A way to immerse oneself in nature, in contact with the environment from which the best organic and biodynamic wines are born. «We gladly organize aperitifs in the vineyard with tasting of our wines», say the Marchisio family. We enjoy the splendor of autumn, the enchantment of the vineyards now in the late stages of harvest. «After Arneis and Barbera, we are completing the harvest of Nebbiolo». An anomalous season, marked by drought that reduced the quantity of clusters. In compensation, the quality is absolutely high. A mark – excellence – that the Marchisio Family does not give up.

«Being in the vineyard sipping our wines helps to better appreciate what they express». Absolute genuineness, no chemicals, no weeding. A magic touch, that of “green” viticulture. Maximum respect for the earth, commitment to increasing the natural fertility of the soils year after year. Wisdom: «Good wine is born in the vineyard, first and foremost». For this, the vineyard is the best place to “understand” it to the fullest. And the Marchisio Family has made an art of it. Its Roero Arneis is like no other. The same can be sayd for the bubbles of classic method Arneis, 9 years on the lees. They never stop experimenting: the newest amphora wines (from Arneis to Riesling, via Pinot Noir) prove it.

Chapter apart is the Nebbiolo. The roundness of the classic Mungalat. The surprising fragrance of the Faiv Rosé, a classic method sparkling wine. And the infinite length of the Valmaggiore, awarded by international magazines. A revolutionary Nebbiolo: vinified in amphora and with a screw cap. Capable of unsuspected evolutions. Almost competing with the Francesca, superlative Roero Riserva. Wines that amaze, convince and make themselves remembered. Tasted in the cellar or, even better, in the green of the rows. As if to renew a promise: to treat the hills of Roero with love. Knowing that they will return, in the glass, all the attention that the Marchisio Family has dedicated to them for so many years, with undiminished dedication.

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