Castellinaldo Barbera, and it’s immediately BarbIs!

Her name is Castellinaldo Barbera d’Alba. And from 2021 it will be the first sub-zone of Barbera d’Alba. The first and only one, for now, to be able to include on the label the name of the village from which it originates. A great record, in fact: it smells of quality, of absolute excellence, of history. The news? On May 15, it will make her official debut with a spectacular public tasting. And here is “Barbis”: halfway between “barbìs”, in Piedmontese (clever, good) and “Barbera Is”. «It’s a bit of a true baptism, for this great wine of ours», explains the very young Francesca Marchisio, a newcomer to the Marchisio Family winery. She’s also behind the organization of the event, promoted by Vinaioli di Castellinaldo in Piazza Castello, in the heart of the village, from 6 to 11 p.m. «A nice atmosphere, for sure: wooden platforms will be used as tables, while we will sit on straw bales». The Castellinaldo will be the only red served (white the other wines, Arneis and bubbles). The catering is also in the family (local flavors, zero kilometers): «The dishes will come from my aunt, Serena Marchisio, owner of the Belavista restaurant».

For those who do not know it yet: Belavista (with one “L”) overlooks a fabulous viewpoint, in Madonna dei Cavalli. The right place to sip a nice glass of Castellinaldo, immersed in the view of the hills, perhaps after a first taste in the winery. «Among the projects in the pipeline – reveals Sergio Marchisio, Francesca’s father – there is also the transformation of the winery: we would like to open a real wine bar, always open on weekends». That’s it: it is fundamental to increase the offer in the field of enogastronomical tourism. Even Roero, like Langhe, is visited by Italians and foreigners. Tourists in love with a landscape that fills the eyes and enters the heart. It’s really special, the land of choice of Castellinaldo Barbera d’Alba. «And the prestigious recognition of the sub-area, of course, acts as a driving force for the entire local economy: it’s a great business card, which rewards the efforts of generations to obtain a deep wine, full of value». Marchisio’s wine is organic and biodynamic. A total of 10,000 bottles, with an unforgettable imprint: acidic backbone and velvety evolution.

The production disciplinary of this super-red wine is strict: limited yield and only vines at least thirty years old, grown between 250 and 350 meters above sea level. After vinification, a long aging in wood. The result speaks for itself: Castellinaldo is a mature Barbera d’Alba, important, able to express all the character that Roero can give to its wines. Dozens of local wineries present it, guaranteeing 200,000 bottles per year. They are distributed among Magliano Alfieri and Priocca, Canale, Vezza d’Alba, Castagnito and Guarene. The epicenter of production is Castellinaldo. Where now that special Barbera will fill the glasses of “BarbIs” starting from May 15th. Altogether, 11 wineries will be involved: in addition to the Marchisio Family, Teo Costa, Morra, La Granera, Cravanzola, Cascina del Pozzo, Brjnda, Marsaglia, Cascina Torniero, Cerrato and Michele Ferrero. «To tell you the truth, for May 15 we are already selling out», smiles Francesca. But don’t worry: «Castellinaldo lovers can console themselves: we will repeat “BarbIs” on June 12 and then again on July 3».

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