Barbera Harvest: record year, in the sign of Castellinaldo

«We are definitely stunned: the quality of 2021 is unprecedented». Fabio Marchisio struggles to find adjectives. How is the harvest of Barbera, just ended? Surprising. Exceptional. Stratospheric. «I have never seen such a concentration of aromas, such an amazing exuberance». And that’s not all: «The alcohol content is 15 percent. And the color is very dark: almost ink». His father, Sergio Marchisio, confirms: there is no Barbera like this, in the Marchisio Family, in living memory. Even if the year, from the point of view of weather, was not exactly clement. «First the frost, then the hail, then the summer drought. What can I say? You can see that our Barbera d’Alba has found ideal conditions», says Fabio. «One thing is certain: a vintage like this will go down in history».

The conquest of the “Castellinaldo” appellation

The recent conquest of the “Castellinaldo” appellation, as a sub-zone of Barbera d’Alba (the only one so far), has brought luck. A super-red wine that has won the respect of all. «Now that the harvest is over – says Fabio Marchisio – our Castellinaldo Barbera d’Alba 2021 is at the beginning of its journey. A slow maturation, also made of patience. We will be able to uncork it not before 2023, after the long months it will spend in large acacia barrels». In the meantime, Marchisio’s Barbera is “working” in steel tanks. «It will also spend a week on the skins, to fix the color naturally and acquire structure». In the meantime, the success of this fantastic red wine can be anticipated: soft and rich, organic and biodynamic. «This year has cost us great sacrifices: the harvest was tiring. We had to select the harvesting, bunch by bunch, even among the rows hit by hail at the beginning of the summer».

What matters, of course, is the result. The Marchisio family – father and sons, Fabio and Ivo – are almost incredulous, in front of such excellence. Who would have ever thought that Barbera from Castellinaldo – in a difficult year like 2021 – would have turned into such a wonderful surprise? Sergio Marchisio toasts, happy, to the glad event. And he tries to give himself some more explanation, leafing through his books. They are those in which the master Rudolf Steiner reveals the secrets of biodynamics. The first, fundamental one: enrich the soil, year after year. Simple practices that make the soil more and more fertile. This is the viaticum for obtaining genuine and ever better wines, season after season. A sort of prodigy, with the help of the sky. Do you want to see that the miracle of Barbera 2021 also depends on the stars?

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