Best Wishes to Sergio Marchisio, Roero pioneer: the first to invent sparkling Arneis, the first to put Nebbiolo in an amphora

Style, talent and class.
One can be the first out of pride, ambition, or simply destiny; it happens if it is a question of passion, curiosity, or unlimited devotion to one’s hills.
It was a great love for Arneis that, many years ago, drove Sergio Marchisio to to plant the white variety at Castellinaldo, traditionally a land of Barbera. Deep down, it is thanks to him that Arneis is so widespread, even in the picturesque Roero village stretching out towards the Langhe horizon.
Shortly afterwards, a new challenge: bubbles, following the teaching of the masters of Champagne. Another record. It was Sergio Marchisio himself who put his name to the first classic method Arneis. And just not to lose confidence in Guinness World Records, Sergio was the first – once again – to realise how happy the marriage between Nebbiolo and a ceramic amphora could be.
Biological, biodynamic and pioneer in everything, Sergio does not like to bask in his glory, as timid and reserved as he his. Rather than celebrate wine, he prefers to make it – and sometimes invent it (renewing and regenerating it, following the instincts of a true alchemist, fully aware that he lives among the gifts of the heavens and earth).
It is worth remembering Sergio’s silent courage, consecrated by something like 40 harvests. It is worth remembering this all the more today, now that Sergio celebrates his 59th birthday.
Best wishes from the whole Marchisio family and the even larger family of enthusiasts who would not know how to do without the inventions of the surprising winemaker of Castellinaldo!

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