Biodynamic Pinot Noir: emotions in amphora, the latest jewel from Roero

Biodynamic Pinot Noir: the first vinified in amphora, in Roero, and bottled with a screw cap. Can you imagine a more personal business card? The signature is that of Sergio Marchisio, a revolutionary pioneer of many “green” bets. The first bubbles of Arneis, the first sparkling Nebbiolo rosé, the first Nebbiolo ever to be born in amphora (the award-winning Valmaggiore). And then the latest challenges: the Roero Arneis in amphora, as well as the Riesling made in Roero. And, of course, the jewel of Burgundy: Pinot Noir. Pure emotion, to try and believe: just uncork, today, the super-red harvested in 2019. A cascade of scents, which matches the legendary elegance of the French grape variety. A success, reported with conviction even by the international experts of “Wine Enthusiast”.

«I admit it: these are satisfactions», smiles Sergio Marchisio. «Pinot Noir has always been a great passion of mine. So I couldn’t resist the temptation to produce it under the Roero sun». Quite a leap, compared to the temperatures beyond the Alps. The calendar of phenolic maturation changes: «In Burgundy, it’s harvested in mid-September, while here it’s harvested a month earlier». The result? Alcohol under control: just 13 degrees. Beautiful harmonious acidity, extreme drinkability. Lean and slender, the Langhe Pinot Nero 2019 of the Marchisio Family. With an extra gear, or rather two: the warmth of the Piedmontese hills and the amazing wealth of accents that comes from biodynamic viticulture. Last but not least, of course, the extreme softness guaranteed by the ceramic amphora.

100% natural and certified organic, this Pinot Noir “made in Roero” (small production, just 3,000 bottles) comes from the vineyards of Priocca. It’s always aged in amphora for at least one year and then undergoes a long evolution in bottle. Two and a half years after the harvest, it keeps growing in depth. It has inside the almost “Mediterranean” summer of its latitudes, with all its colors and the infinite declinations of the bouquet. But without ever betraying the first varietal gift: the unparalleled finesse. «It’s true: our Langhe Pinot Noir perfectly expresses the soul of the vine: something not taken for granted in our area». Sergio Marchisio toasted: «I admit that the result really surprised me». Less surprised, instead, the “faithful”: when have they ever been disappointed by the fantastic experiments of Marchisio Family?

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