Castellinaldo Barbera d’Alba, the scent of victory: the dream of the “sub-zone” that rewards excellence becomes reality

If anyone had doubts about how to imprint in the memory the splendor of summer (lots of sun, wind and scents, ripe red fruits), now they can count on an incomparable reminder: from today it’s called Castellinaldo Barbera d’Alba, and it’s a red wine that sinks into the history of yesterday to fully inhabit the history of tomorrow. Important numbers: 200,000 bottles, from dozens of local producers. Among the noble fathers who are christening the prestigious “sub-zone” of Barbera d’Alba (the first and only one, so far) is Sergio Marchisio, veteran of the super-selected Barbera from Roero, aged for a year. «I’is an immense satisfaction – he admits – to see our efforts recognized, after thirty years of family commitment: now finally our Castellinaldo will be able to show on the label the denomination of the municipality, synonymous with renowned excellence».

What happened? Quickly said: in August 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture crowned a process started in 2016 to certify the diversity of Barbera d’Alba Doc of Castellinaldo, heir to a centuries-old tradition and, always – for the bottles destined to bear that name – “pampered” for a long time in wood, for the entire cycle of the four seasons. The producers of Castellinaldo, historical home of Barbera in Roero, and those of the neighboring villages: Magliano Alfieri and Priocca, Canale, Vezza d’Alba, Castagnito and Guarene. All together, to win a bet: to see their “red gold” rewarded, also on the basis of a strict specification. Limited yields and vines at least thirty years old, grown at an altitude between 250 and 350 meters. The result: an adult Barbera d’Alba, very special, capable of fully expressing the character that Roero knows how to give to native red berry wines of Piedmont.

Sergio Marchisio proudly uncorks one of his bottles of Castellinaldo, since September 25 officially “authorized” to display the name of the municipality on the label: «We’re all happy, the process was triggered only in 2016, but had behind decades of work to select this typical red, virtually unique». Smiles, Sergio: «We know that our effort was also opposed, and we are pleased that the authorities have instead fully recognized it». An ideal toast, to which are also associated the affectionate, the lovers of Barbera di Castellinaldo, who hope to see the new label already on the bottles of the 2020 harvest. Needless to add that those of the Marchisio Family (10,000 in all, organic and biodynamic) offer the wide range of scents of natural viticulture: the acidic backbone and the unmistakable varietal mark of Barbera, tamed by the velvety refinement and sublimated by the magic touch of the Sterinerian style, to interpret the “evergreen” legacy of Roero reds. This Castellinaldo smells of victory: and it deserves it.

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