Handcrafted wines online, Marchisio Family at home!

«Our secret? We never stop. Mission: to meet you. And so: handcrafted wines online, delivered to your home». Thanks to the new convenient e-commerce service that the Marchisio Family has just set up. «And watch out: for the first order, placed by January 31, there is a 10% discount». The Marchisio family is toasting: «From today, thanks to our online shop, it is also possible to buy the fruits of our latest venture, oil and olives», explains Fabio Marchisio. «It’s another way to celebrate, in our own way, the continuous evolution of our family business».

Gift ideas

Among the absolute novelties, the gift ideas: such as the Box of Wines in Amphora (Roero Arneis, Nebbiolo Valmaggiore and Pinot Noir). Or the Oil and Olives Box, with bottles of extra virgin olive oil and jars of delicious Taggiasca olives in oil and brine. «The passion for Taggiasca DOP is an old one of mine», admits Sergio Marchisio. «To have been able to produce oil as well as wine is a great satisfaction for me». And in any case: whether it’s olives from Pieve di Teco or artisanal wines from Castellinaldo, the result is the same. Maximum naturalness, zero chemistry, faithfulness to the biodynamic dictates of Rudolf Steiner.

Our handcrafted wines online

Real jewels of the earth, now finally available also online, purchasable with a simple click. «Obviously – says Fabio Marchisio – the decision to facilitate consumers also stems from the security needs that emerged with the Covid emergency and the restrictions of recent months». At the same time, the investment in e-commerce represents the ability to keep up with the times and communicate in real time with customers and fans. «After all – concludes Sergio Marchisio – those who know us know very well what they are buying: our promise has remained the same. To extract the best from the vines, seeking harmony between earth and sky. Remaining faithful to the peasant roots of Roero and to the deep love for our beautiful hills, Unesco World Heritage Site».

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