Extra virgin olive oil and taggiasca olives from Imperia: the flavors of the Marchisio Family

Do you like the wine of Marchisio Family? Well, from today at Marchisio’s you can also taste another Italian excellence: extra virgin olive oil. And also taggiasche olives from Imperia, in oil or brine. «Olive oil has always been a great passion of mine», admits Sergio Marchisio. «And so, I decided to produce it». The choice fell on Pieve di Teco, a medieval jewel in the Arroscia Valley. A Ligurian village full of charm and ancient monasteries, at the foot of the Colle di Nava. Curious: these are the mountains where the Tanaro, the noble “river of wine” that laps the Roero, has its source. Marchisio’s Taggiasca olives are also from the mountains. Produced on the heights of the hamlet of Acquetico, at 560 meters above sea level. One hectare of land, with 420 centuries-old olive trees overlooking the horizon of the sea.

Olio di olive taggiasche Imperia

“Zero” impact oil and Taggiasca olives

«Growing olive trees in the mountains is not easy, given the slopes. On the other hand – assures Sergio – the climate is ideal. And it is precisely the altitude that keeps the “olive fly” away: we don’t need to carry out any antiparasitic treatment». If the wines of the Marchisio Family are organic and biodynamic, it goes without saying that the cultivation of olive trees is also “green”. Zero impact on the environment. «Our olives are harvested with care, by hand, and taken immediately to the oil mill. This is required by the specification of Taggiasca DOP». The pressing is done in a natural way. The oil is not centrifuged: it’s simply left to decant and then refined in amphorae. Just like the great wines of the Marchisio Family.

The result is fantastic: a very pure oil, “gourmet”, with virtually no acidity. And then there are the olives, freshly potted. They are pitted and offered in two versions: in oil and in brine. «The oil is obviously ours. And for the brine: only water and salt, no soda». Sergio Marchisio explains: «Ther’s a demand for Taggiasca olives. And I liked the idea of being able to offer mine to the market of enthusiasts». Taggiasca olives in oil are ideal for sauce, and not only that. «They’re perfect for a nice fish baked in foil. Or for certain traditional dishes, like rabbit Ligurian style». And olives in brine? Unbeatable as an appetizer. Of course: accompanied by a nice glass of Arneis.

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