So young, and already so great: our astonishing 2018 Arneis

Already from the first tastings it was immediately understood where our Arneis, harvested in September during the 2018 autumn, was going to end up. This time, however – making itself at home in the bottle and naturally finding its own path to equilibrium – our fabulous young Roero white is providing decidedly surprising satisfaction, beyond even the rosiest of expectations. Incidentally, for lovers of Arneis, it is not just a question of hints of pear rather than apple. Here we are faced with a glass that astonishes with its complexity and balance, emanating an entire rainbow of colour, accent and nuance. It grows day-by-day, releasing heaven and blossom, tenderness and mineral body. All credit to our land, worked with passion – for over ten years – with biodynamic methods, capable of performing miracles (it has to be said) in returning to the soil its original fertility, its infinite wealth. We can now say, a great Arneis. We await you, to taste it together!

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