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biodynamics and climate change

Biodynamics and climate change: lecture in the winery

Biodynamics and climate change: lesson in the winery. Among the Marchisio amphorae, the Cia Piemonte course with agronomist and climatologist: how to deal in the vineyard with the adversities of weather gone mad. Students: young Piedmontese winemakers.

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When the vineyard blooms: perfect spring

When the vineyard blooms: 2023, a finally perfect spring. Inflorescences between the rows not before mid-May. Sergio Marchisio: Are we returning to a less abnormal seasonal climate, not so hot anymore?

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grapevine and drought

Grapevine and drought: snow at last!

Snow on Marchisio Family vineyards in Castellinando. Whitewashed rows, after dry months: still not enough, but the snowfall helps make up for the water stress suffered by the rows last summer.

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