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Here is a preview of the Arneis 2020: a fantastic white wine, with overwhelming aromas, the result of a truly remarkable vintage

It seems endless, just like the horizon of the hills: the bouquet floods the senses like a May meadow, overflowing with flowers and essences, while the taste immediately recalls its maritime origin, its birth from soils full of fossil shells. It’s savory and mineral, almost brackish, like the seabed when the sea still submerged the

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Grape harvest

Great vintage for the Roero Arneis 2020, in the name of freshness: the generous harvest confirms the expectations, it will be an amazing white wine

«We had already foreseen it, and now we can confirm it: it will be really special, our Arneis 2020». This is how Sergio Marchisio celebrates the excellent harvest of the Marchisio Family, relative to the excellent white of Roero. A generous harvest, more abundant than last year. «The bunches are perfect, firm, and with an

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Grape harvest

The magic of our wines? It comes from special soils, enriched with biodynamic humus: year after year, the results are more and more spectacular

«A harvest is approaching that promises to be spectacular, thanks to a particularly happy season: lots of sunshine and a bit of rain at the right time». Sergio Marchisio already anticipates the harvest 2020: it will be a year to remember, fortunately, not only because of the coronavirus. But the merit, in the case of

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La Marchisio Family inaugura il nuovo servizio di delivery. Il vostro vino preferito consegnato a domicilio.

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