At school among the rows and then in the cellar. Protagonists, many young people. Their dream: to learn how to make wine (well). It’s been a practice for years now: students face important internships on farms. Both high school (agricultural) and college kids. The Marchisio Family is no exception in this. On the contrary: the company meets the favor of many budding winemakers, attracted by the strictly organic specification. Recent surveys confirm this: wine entrepreneurs under 40 are going green. No chemicals, renewable energy, recognized certifications and packaging with no environmental impact. They are convinced that precisely sustainability is now a decisive factor, for competitiveness, on the Italian market and on foreign markets. Among the young ones, 7 out of 10 companies boast green certifications.

«We are definitely on the cutting edge in this respect», they say at the Marchisio Family, where the Bio protocol is joined by a biodynamic philosophy. Everything is ultra-green, at Castellinaldo: the winery powered by photovoltaic panels, with even the ricarca available for visitors traveling in electric cars. «It’s a pleasure – says Sergio Marchisio – to see how much interest the world of wine arouses among young people today, especially from an ecological perspective: every year we host students, whom we tutor». They learn everything: how to work in the vineyard, how to act in the cellar for winemaking and aging procedures. «The internships are demanding: 50-60 hours for high school students and also 3-400 hours for university students, thanks to the agreement with the Faculty of Agriculture in Turin».

Marchisio Family is in the forefront, on the university front: again with the Faculty of Agriculture, an experiment is underway to try to produce a kind of “plant vaccine” that could protect vines from flavescence. All this smells of the future: wine, statistics say, is confirmed as one of the most coveted sectors for young people looking at agriculture. According to Coldiretti, in Italy there are almost 20,000 wine businesses run by young people under 40, on almost 140,000 hectares of vineyards. A growing world, thanks in part to schooling. And to the example of trailblazing companies like the Marchisio Family, among the first to invest in the absolute excellence represented precisely by sustainable viticulture.

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