Called Fivi, it brings together Independent Winemakers. «Independents we have always been», Sergio Marchisio points out. «It was natural for us, joining the federation». Adds his son, Fabio: «This year we will be present at Piacenza Expo, for the Fivi Wine Market». Maximum visibility, for Italian artisanal excellence. The motto: small is beautiful. Total control over production. Absolute accuracy, in the vineyard and in the cellar. No industry: those adhering to Fivi are family businesses. They guarantee absolute quality to Made in Italy. And they certify an ancient bond between the winemaker and his territory. «The figure of the winemaker is essential: he grows his own grapes and certifies the origin of the wine with the hard work done in the vineyard and in the cellar».

«Independent Winemakers», says Fivi, «aim to create a strong bond with consumers: a true alliance». That of the winemaker is a strong brand: synonymous with authenticity, typicality and culture. «Those who produce artisanal wine are essential for the future of our lands and for Italian agriculture», the federation adds. The “vigneron” must remain on the territory: «To make his wine, to preserve the terroirs, to defend the landscape. And for the joy of the consumer». Very true, confirms Sergio Marchisio: «Those who come to us know exactly what they will find. An exclusive, natural product, without tricks». In the case of the Marchisio Family, then, the virtues add up. In addition to organic certification, they add biodynamic management.

It’s the perfect profile of the excellence represented by Fivi. A true community, that of the Vignaioli Indipendenti: the best of Italian winemaking. Fivi promotes local viticultural development. Not only that: it works to grow “sustainable”, green-friendly wine. «For us, Fivi was a natural landing place», reiterates Sergio, a pioneer of “green” viticulture in the Roero. «The quality of wine comes from the quality of the land: from the ability to respect it». And that is how it has grown, the Italy of Fivi. Its importance is conspicuous: in today’s world, based on immense numbers, small productions are a precious treasure. No one like the “vigneron”, Fivi points out, knows how to protect his hillsides. And the first to know, fortunately, are the consumers themselves.

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