Great 2021: year of records, rewarded by extraordinary achievements

Always rising again: the Marchisio Family’s extraordinary 2021 season tells it all. To end the year on a high note, here are the last gifts under the Christmas tree: the brand new e-commerce service and the real surprise of the company, extra virgin olive oil and taggiasche olives PDO, in oil and brine. Fantastic flavors, born from excellence: a gift for gourmets. But without neglecting, of course, the main course: the wine. Record year? Definitely yes: exceptional harvest. In the meantime, however, the facts are what speak for themselves. There are many new products ready to drink. For example, the first Riesling produced (in amphora) in the Roero. And, of course, its autochthonous twin, Arneis: the first Roero Arneis entirely vinified in ceramic, very soft and long-lived. And what about an ultra-special red wine like Barbera? It has just been rewarded by the birth of the Castellinaldo sub-zone, the only one foreseen for Barbera d’Alba: a prestigious recognition for the uniqueness of the terroir.

«All good news, of course, and all at once», smiles Sergio Marchisio, who also celebrates joining Fivi: now his winery is a full member of the federation that brings together independent winemakers, artisans of the finest wine. «And I remember that the harvest was limited by the hail that fell at the beginning of the summer. On the other hand – Sergio admits – the quality of the grapes literally astounded us». It goes without saying: the 2021 labels will be remembered, starting next year. In the meantime, however, what arouses applause are the fantastic experiments already completed. A sign of a constant search for absolute quality. «It’s true, we never stop. Ours is a permanent commitment: not to disappoint those who love our wines». Wine lovers expect confirmations: and they know they will get them. «But they also know we do not settle: our mission is to push ourselves further, discovering how far each of our grape varieties can be expressed».

And this is where the formula-Marchisio comes in: absolute devotion to the land, to be protected with biodynamic viticulture. «Year after year, our soil is enriched with natural fertility. And its newfound health transmits it directly to the vine, and therefore to the wine». That’s why certain results should come as no surprise: like the award that Decanter gave to Valmaggiore, a great Nebbiolo produced in amphora (the first ever, in history) and with a screw cap. Sergio sums up: «Our wines express the feelings of those who produce them: love, passion, loyalty and respect. And also the will to go further, always: because it’s only wine, that can tell us how great it can really be. It’s enough to know how to fully understand it, accompanying its evolution towards a happy and possibly unique, unrepeatable outcome».

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