«We have always practiced green manure in the vineyard. It’s really valuable for increasing soil fertility». If then the vineyards are those of the Marchisio Family, then it is even more beautiful. Because in May there is an explosion of blooms, from the yellow of mustard to the red of poppies. In the midst of Castellinaldo’s rows, newly “reborn” and beautifully soft green, the inter-row crops chase each other as far as the eye can see. They are grasses and brassicas: they were sown in November, after the harvest, to reinvigorate the vine-dominated soils. «Now», explains Sergio Marchisio, «the green manure species will be cut, but they will remain on the ground. Indeed: a special roller will push the “green manure” into the soil, a few inches deep, so that it continues to enrich it».

Alexandrian clover and common vetch stand out in the vineyards, along with protein pea, rye, triticale, barley ears and horseradish, poppy and mustard heads. Each species has its precise function, Sergio points out: «For example, brassicaceae (clover, vetch, and mustard) have taproots. Once cut then they rot, leaving voids that make the soil softer. The other species, on the other hand, are grasses, and they give the soil a great supply of organic matter: it serves to “return” everything that the rows had “taken”, during the vine season». Fundamental, the fall and winter sowings, to reinvigorate the entire ecological system of Marchisio’s labeled wine. «Then, every year, we try different associations, with new essences. Of course, we really like flowers, which attract insects and help to further improve the ecosystem of our organic vineyard».

All manuals recall that the practice of green manure-burying green, freshly cut plants-fulfills a variety of functions. Certainly, it increases the organic matter in the soil, enriching it in particular with nitrogen elements. But that’s not all: in fact, green manure also has the function of stabilizing the soil and protecting it of erosive phenomena. In the case of the Marchisio Family, then, the watchword is “green”. The extra gear is called Rudolf Steiner: biodynamic viticulture. The one that better than any other knows how to revitalize the soils, making them more and more fertile: and this, then, is felt in the aromas of the wines. Speeches that lead far away, in direct contact with the sky, with a feeling that borders on poetry. Like that which vibrates in the verses of the great Persian mystic Rūmī: “I was snow, you made me melt. The ground absorbed me. Mist of the spirit, I return toward the sun”. The magic of awakening, among vineyards carpeted with flowers.

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