«If only there were more wineries like Sergio Marchisio’s! It’s an example for anyone who wants to go organic: and the results speak for themselves». This is what Massimo Pinna, expert “green” agronomist, says. True pioneer of organic farming in Piedmont, Dr Pinna was director of Crab, a structure of excellence – partner of several universities – for the technical promotion of organic farming. Today he’s a director of AIAB, as well as a consultant for many large wineries. Massimo Pinna speaks with great satisfaction about the work he has been doing for thirty years, also with the Marchisio Family. «Sergio, Fabio and Ivo prove, with facts, how successful their bet is: to combine health, environmental protection and the highest enological excellence».

A path studded with successes, but also with courageous challenges. «Sergio Marchisio – says Massimo – has never given up experimenting, even in an adventurous way, testing organic products that are not yet established». As if to say: if certain treatments have become routine, it’s also due to the determination of companies like his. «Today, for example, the dosage of copper and sulfur has been reduced to almost zero, even though it’s foreseen in the organic regulations. Sergio Marchisio prefers to use the essential oils of orange and rosemary, and the results are remarkable». And that’s not all: «He was one of the first to introduce winter green manure between rows to regenerate the soil, and one of the first to acquire machinery for the selective stripping of the vines».

In addition to being certified organic, the Marchisio Family’s viticulture is also biodynamic. «It’s true – says Massimo Pinna – but Steiner’s dictates are applied judiciously, without fanaticism: we’re essentially talking about the biodynamic heap for fertilization, which restores fertility to the soil, along with the horn manure, of course». A “green” philosophy that – year after year – consolidates the objectives. From good to better: «Sergio Marchisio’s vines are healthier and more resistant to adversities. Vineyards are more balanced and less threatened by diseases. And the quality of the grapes is constantly increasing. It’s an inexorable mechanism: in case chemistry is eliminated, vines win. And therefore, wine».

In other words: working with the Marchisio family is first and foremost a pleasure for someone who – like Massimo Pinna – has been fighting for decades for the “green” conversion of agriculture. «Yes, Sergio Marchisio is really a model: he shows that the big leap is within reach of anyone who wants to go organic, without risks. It’s no coincidence that if any producer contacts me to go organic, I bring him to Castellinaldo: the Marchisio Family is the best possible demonstration of the result, just taste their wines». What’s great about Sergio? «His inexhaustible enthusiasm. And tenacity: he never gets discouraged. Not even after the worst hailstorm. Not even now, when we are carrying out complex pruning to help the plants affected by bad weather in summer 2021». As always, Sergio is on the front lines. «I’ve known him for 30 years, he hasn’t changed», smiles Massimo. «His strength is an unshakable trust: what nature takes away from you, he says, it then always gives back to you, with interest. And he’s absolutely right».

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