Wine thinks of you, if you have thought of the Earth

There are those that consider wine a simple drink, those that view a hill as a factory producing bunches of grapes for the press, juice to bottle. Fortunately, organic awareness is growing in leaps and bounds, among both producers and consumers; a result to which, in his own small way, here in the Roero, Sergio Marchisio has made a major contribution, having been among the first to adopt ecological and even biodynamic cultivation protocols. It is this that makes the difference and, in the end, if you have been able to view the hills where it is born with love, you have had the sensation that it is the wine itself “thinking about you”. That is the secret; thinking of the Earth as a unique, boundless, living organism, whose existence proceeds in harmonious accord with the heavens. This is the only way that thought ends up directly in the glass, recalling – with every sip – the Earth’s infinite blessing.

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